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Updated: Mar 25


so as we know MINK EYELASHES are trending and are the best kinds we’ve all worn. There are tons of brands claiming to sell the real deal. Minks are our TOP quality, although we sell multiple kinds of eyelashes, we only seek gorgeous & comfortable design in each and every pair, that are worth the money. So let’s put an end to throwing our good coins away!

About that pair you paid more for, that was just as terrible as the ones at the beauty supply😔, they were stiff, they kept poking your eyelids, they were itchy, they were so hard and shiny that they looked super phony !! ....Let’s go on; they were FLAT, they were BARELY THERE, the hairs were FALLING OFF before you put them on!

We cant choose which one is worse than the other but one thing we know is you will not experience these things when you purchase a pair of our high-quality minks. 🤞 We’ve got you covered.

Yes, our lashes can be worn over and over as customers and I (Bria Monet) have tested them out. I have worn one pair for four weeks straight. It was a little longer than the suggested 25 wears, but I have been wearing eyelashes for longer than I can remember and I’m pretty good at maintaining a pair. Yes, you can sleep in them, but I suggest that you take them off at night and align them in your eyelash tray to avoid roughing them up. However, this is where the spoolie brush we include comes in handy and will spread them out nice and evenly as you may like.

To continue on and compare the quality of our lashes, please take a look at the photos put together below:

This is what you don’t want. In the photos, you can see some of the pairs aren’t even identical. The seller may tell you they are handmade - which is how ours are made (and not being 100% the same is the best way to portray a natural look) but obviously they were rushed and that is not what we want to spend our money on. Our maker carefully places each hair on a strong, blend-able band while keeping in mind that it should look very natural. Another picture in the collage shows you how flat the eyelashes are (our lashes have layers that give it fluffiness and volume), one shows how heavily, shiny they are and no one‘s eyelashes can be that shiny (they look like they belong on play dolls). There’s also a pair where the layers are so even it has no natural appearance. That’s why we like our layers, 3D’s and so on. One thing you won’t forget about our lashes is how soft they are! And last but not least, we have a pair in the collage that should probably just belong to a stuffed animal. Yeah😅

Go with a lash seller you can trust. Go for getting your money‘s worth. Try our qualified lashes. Wear your lashes in comfort, handle with care, and enjoy those multiple wears. You won’t be disappointed :)

If you were able to identify which eyelashes were being described in the photo, ❤️ this post. We like to feature our customers when they wear our products so DM us a picture at shopiridaceae on IG, and find our latest news in the blog section here.

-with love, from the Owner


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